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The Sun is Strongest in the Summer, Correct?

Well, in Texas it is obviously hotter in the Summer and you definitely need Solar Screens so that your windows cannot turn into magnifying glasses and cook you right inside your home. As well as fade your floors, furniture, and drapes.... provide privacy and SAVE YOU Hundreds of $$$ on your electric bills!


But What About Winter?

The foliage that provides UV filtering during Spring and Summer, falls away in the Winter. The Sun itself  naturally sets lower in the sky during these months. Your windows and the interior of your home is greatly exposed to STRONGER DIRECT SUNLIGHT causing more sun fade inside your home during the Winter months.

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Solar Screens will protect your precious belongings from the sun's harmful rays. As well as provide privacy and comfort year round!

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Solar Screens will also allow you a clear view from the inside!

Our mission is excellence

We are proud to be one of North Texas' Most Successful Solar Screen Companies. We offer a Full Warranty on All of Our Products! Few other Solar Screens Companies can match our Quality as we do not Mass Produce.  

We also carry Bug Screens, and Regular Window Screens!

Conserve Energy and Keep The Cash In Your House!

The most affordable way to cut your summer electric bills and prolong the life of your Air Conditioner.

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Solar Screens

Specifically designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, today’s solar screens are an excellent investment for reducing energy costs, minimizing heat from entering your home, and adding beauty and value to your home's exterior. Available in many different colors with your choice of an 80 percent or 90 percent heat and UV protection screen, your home will look terrific and feel more comfortable than ever.


Sun Safe Homes uses the most advanced screen materials available to withstand the harsh Texas sun. We use Phifer Suntex Fabric and offer a 10 Year Warranty. Quality Aluminum framing material is used to ensure that your screen will last for years to come.

Why Choose Us

Yes, there are many other Solar Screen companies with different products and ways of manufacturing. Through the years, we have compiled all of the very best products and manufacturing methods and rolled them into the BEST SOLAR SCREEN on the market today.


 We also custom build by hand each screen individually. We do not mass produce thousands of screens, so Your screen will be carefully fabricated to Your exact window needs.


In addition, specific techniques are used to ensure fabric is taut. Too much fabric tension causes frames to warp. Too little tension causes loose, floppy fabric and is unappealing.


*Blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays

*Conserves energy and saves up to 30% on utility bills during summer months

*Can reduce household temperatures by up to 20 degrees

*Reduces the glare through windows

*Provides privacy, & covers unsightly blinds and old windows

*Protects against fading and sun rot of furniture, draperies, rugs, and carpets

*Keeps pests and insects out while allowing a pleasant breeze

*Custom built to fit almost any size and shape windows including arches

*Greatly improves aesthetics of any home




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