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There are Several Different Fabric Colors and Frame Colors.

It is normally reccomended to match the screen frame with your existing window frames.

The fabric colors can be chosen to go with the colors of the exterior of your home or business.

If you have problems deciding, you usually can't go wrong with black.

The Black and Brown Fabrics are dark fabrics obviously and hold up very well to the outside elements. They are both quick and easy to clean if they should become dusty. Just rinse off with a water hose.

Black and Brown 90% both offer excellent privacy from the outside, while keeping great visibility from the inside. You will be able to see out just fine, but people will not be able to see in from the outside.

The Tan, Stuco, and Gray Fabrics do offer you some other color choices to go with the exterior colors of your home.

However, please be aware that these lighter colors do require a little more maintenance as time goes by to keep them clean.

The lighter colors will keep it lighter in your home and the darker colors will make it darker in your home. They both will block summer heat and UV rays all year long!


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Aluminum Frame Colors

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